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EXAMPLE UNITS: As-Is Original Face Distillery Plank Pine T&G Flooring (photoset #13065)

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Specification Sheet #7001 - Barnwood T&G Flooring
SpeciesMixed. Generally Douglas Fir, Pine, others
SourceVarious reclaimed wood projects
Flooring TypeSolid Wood, Unfinished
ProfileTongue and Groove (T&G)
KnotsUnlimited. Knots can be broken, loose or fallen out
HolesOccasional random nail holes and bolt holes; some staining around the nail holes and bolt holes or on the face is allowable
Checking/CracksUnlimited surface checking allowed; some cracking should be expected
Grain PatternVertical, flat or mixed
Standard Dimensionsa) Thickness: 3/4"; b) Width: Varies, depending on barnwood available at time of order; typical barnwood flooring widths can be expected to be 3" to 7"; wider (and/or narrower) barnwood flooring may be available at any given time; and c) Length: 2 to 10' with no more than 10% of total footage shorter than 4'
Textures AvailableAs-Is, Skip-Planed, Smooth, Wire-Brush and Circle-Sawn
Appearance VariationBoards can vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The characteristics described on this specification sheet generally apply to each board's featured face. The opposite face and edges can differ from the featured face in texture, coloring, and other characteristics unless otherwise noted.

As-Is Original Face Pine T&G Flooring

Antique Barnwood T&G Flooring
Specification Sheet #7001 - Barnwood T&G Flooring

0.75" 8.25" Rand 2-7'  sf
min: 250 sf
List Price: $11.00 per sf
Online Price: $9.90 per sf

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0.75" 8.25" Rand 2-7'  sf
min: 250 sf

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