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6 x 12-14 x 28-35' DF Weathered Timbers--From Harlowtown, MT Roundhouse (photoset #1592)

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Specification Sheet #2110 - DF Weathered Timbers
SpeciesVarious; heavy on Douglas Fir
SourceVarious (buildings, trestles, other structures, falsework, etc.)
HC/FOHCPrimarily Heart Center (HC); usually moderately tight to very tight growth rings
MetalNails, bolts and other fasteners can be removed, cut flush or left as-is. Some metal can be broken off inside the beam.
HolesNail, bolt and other fastener holes are allowed; the quantity and size of the holes can vary widely from timber to timber, with some timbers containing no holes or only limited small nail holes and others containing frequent nail and bolt holes. Staining around nail and bolt holes is common.
Checking/CracksTimbers can have moderate butt and surface checking and cracks and minor end splitting
Moisture Content/StabilityAir-Dried
SurfacingWeathered (degree of weathering varies); original timber surfacing ranges from smooth-planed to rough-sawn; Surface degradation (waterdamage or surface rot or "punkiness") is common; weathered timber colors vary - common colors include brown (common for interior weathered timbers), grays (common for exterior weathered timbers) and combinations of browns and grays.
WeightApproximately 3 pounds per board foot
Appearance VariationWeathered timbers will generally vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The weathering (amount, mix of colors, etc) and other characteristics of one face can be substantially different than the weathering and other characteristics of another face. Some weathered timbers are cut from larger weathered timbers, giving them one or more fresh-sawn faces. Such fresh-sawn faces can often be made to look less bright (and more weathered/aged) to help them blend in with weathered faces.
DimensionsTrestlewood treats weathered timbers to 10" x 10" x 16' as "standard dimension" for pricing purposes. Larger and/or longer weathered timbers are also often available. Dimensions are often nominal.
The more latitude the customer can provide in acceptable timber sizes, the better able Trestlewood is to meet the customer's timber needs in an economical and timely manner.
OtherWeathered timbers are generally very stable

10x18 Harlowton Roundhouse DF Weathered Timbers

DF Weathered Timbers
Specification Sheet #2110 - DF Weathered Timbers

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