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Tannery Oak T&G Flooring
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Tannery Oak T&G Flooring


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Tannery Oak T&G Flooring.75"Rand 3-7"Rand 2-8'$12.60
$11.34 per sf

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Tannery Oak T&G Flooring - Product Info

Tannery Oak is new circle-sawn white oak. The wood is carefully fumed in Trestlewood's special fuming chamber creating a deep, rich color and texture combination. Trestlewood manufactures tongue-and-groove flooring, taking care not to disturb the perfect rustic face, which creates a charming rustic look straight out of a Normandy farmhouse.
Specification Sheet #6029 - Tannery Oak T&G Flooring
SpeciesOak (focus is on White Oak, but Red Oak can also be included)
SourceTannery Oak is new material which Trestlewood has processed to look rustic and aged. In some cases, Trestlewood will use NatureAged Oak and further process it to create an especially aged looking product.
Flooring TypeSolid Wood, Unfinished
ProfileTongue and Groove (T&G)
KnotsUnlimited; some knots are broken, loose or fallen out
HolesStandard Tannery Oak has only an ocassional random nail hole. Tannery Oak processed from Coverboard Oak has nail holes every 3 to 4 feet.
Checking/CracksSurface checking is allowed; some cracking is allowed as long as board is sound.
Grain PatternPrimarily Flat Sawn
Standard Dimensionsa) Thickness (net): 3/4"; b) Width: Random, primarily 3" to 7"; most common widths are 4" and 5"; small amounts of wider boards (8 to 9" and 10"+) are sometimes available; and c) Length: 2 to 8' with no more than 10% of total footage shorter than 4'
Textures AvailableAs-is (circlesawn), Skip-planed and Smooth. The unique Tannery Oak look is more pronounced in less-processed versions of this product.
Skip-Planed TextureSkip-Planed Texture is achieved by using the color and texture of Tannery Oak and lightly planing that as-is face. The look of the skip-planed material will vary substantially from piece to piece. Some of the characteristics that will vary substantially from piece to piece are original color and texture. Some pieces (roughly 50% of the square footage) may "clean up" entirely and have no skipping.

Because the finish face of Skip-Planed flooring is not entirely milled, there will often be a slight "lip" along the seams where two floor boards come together upon installation. Attention to slight differences from piece to piece may minimize the impact of these differences, but will not eliminate it as an issue entirely.
As-Is TextureAs-is (circlesawn) texture is achieved by running the flooring through the molder without hitting the top surface. The resulting product will not fit together as perfectly as standard milled flooring. There will be some over-wood along the seems where pieces of flooring come together and some variations along single boards. Such characteristics should be considered standard in this product.
Appearance VariationBoards can vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The characteristics described on this specification sheet generally apply to each board's featured face. The opposite face and edges can differ from the featured face in texture, coloring, and other characteristics unless otherwise noted.

Note: Please study specification sheets to familiarize yourself with product characteristics and their possible implications for your application.