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Willamette Dry Dock 10x16
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Willamette Dry Dock 10x16


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DescriptionHeightWidthLengthPriceQuantity Discounts
10x16 Willamette Dry Dock DF Timbers10"16"
to 42'

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Willamette Dry Dock 10x16 - Product Info

Salvaged from Drydock #2 at the Portland, Oregon, Shipyard, our Willamette Character Douglas Fir Timbers are a truly unique timber options from an equally unique source. These 10x16s are very worn and weathered; the material looks almost "sandblasted" or like driftwood.

The 10x16 timbers had many timbers and various blocking attached to it. As a result, they have multiple wedge-shaped notches on one 10" face. Depending on the amount of wear, actual heights may vary from 9" up to 9.5" and actual widths may be from 15" up to 15.5". The timber may measure around 14" if all the notches were cut off. One end is more worn than the other.

Specification Sheet #2118 - Willamette Character Weathered Timbers
SpeciesPrimarily Douglas Fir
SourcePortland (Oregon) Shipyard Floating Drydock #2 (Pontoons)
HC/FOHCMixed FOHC and HC; usually tight to very tight growth rings.
MetalNails, bolts and other fasteners are removed or occasionally cut flush or broken off inside the material.
HolesBolt and other fastener holes are common; the quantity and size of the holes can vary widely from timber to timber, with some timbers containing few holes and others containing extensive bolt holes. Staining around holes is extensive. Notches are present on many timbers--the exact size and frequency depends on the size of timber needed.
Checking/CracksSurface checking and cracking is common in Willamette Rustic Timbers. As many of these timbers are FOHC, heart checking is less prevalent than in standard Resawn Douglas Fir timbers.
Moisture Content/StabilityWillamette Rustic Timbers are saturated with water as a result of their use as pontoon timbers. Most timbers have significant air-dry time. When cut, the resulting timbers are much more stable and less prone to shrinkage than are green timbers.
SurfacingWeathered; Surface degradation (water damage or surface rot or "punkiness") is common.
Standard DimensionsPlease call your Trestlewood representative for an accurate list of sizes available.
WeightTypically, approximately 3.5 pounds per board foot
GradingWillamette Character Weathered timbers can be graded (WLCB) upon request. Timbers are graded with exception taken for any holes. It is highly recommended that any timbers that are to be used in a structural application be graded.
Appearance VariationWeathered timbers will generally vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The weathering (amount, mix of colors, etc) and other characteristics of one face can be substantially different than the weathering and other characteristics of another face. Some weathered timbers are cut from larger weathered timbers, giving them one or more fresh-sawn faces. Such fresh-sawn faces can often be made to look less bright (and more weathered/aged) to help them blend in with weathered faces.

Note: Please study specification sheets to familiarize yourself with product characteristics and their possible implications for your application.