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NatureAged Hand-Hewn Siding


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NatureAged Hand-Hewn Siding - Product Info

NatureAged Hand-Hewn Siding is generally resawn from nature-damaged (fire, insect, etc.) logs or from by-products of sawmill, logging or other wood-processing operations. This material is then cut, hewn and weathered for many months. Available Configurations: Log stack or log stack with tails.

Specification Sheet #7226 - NatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding
SpeciesMixed Softwoods. Mixed Softwoods may include Ponderosa Pine, Fir, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Larch, others.
SourceNatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding is lumber which is naturally weathered to achieve a rustic grayish/brown appearance. NatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding may be i) lumber reclaimed from various salvage projects, ii) lumber cut from beetle-killed, fire-killed or dead-standing trees, iii) lumber cut from material which has weathered out of spec, and iv) new lumber.
Standard Dimensionsa) Thickness: 2"; b) Width: 8"+; c) Lengths: 6' to 16'; d) Size Flexibility: The more latitude the customer can provide in acceptable siding sizes, the better able Trestlewood is to meet the customer's siding needs in an economical and timely manner; e) Manner of Measurement: Dimensions of NatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding may vary from one end of a piece to the other end of the piece. Trestlewood measures each piece on the wider face and rounds width dimensions to the nearest whole inch in tallying board footages (for example, a piece measuring 8.5" wide would be tallied as 9"; a piece measuring 9.375" would be tallied as 9".) Where pieces vary in dimension at different points along the piece, Trestlewood will use its best efforts to average width measurements to arrive at an equitable count. Lengths are billed on actual length shipped.
Available Dimensionsa) Width: depending on inventory in stock (widths sold in the past include up to 14" wide);
b) Lengths: depending on inventory in stock. Please contact your Trestlewood representative for available sizes.
Moisture Content/StabilityAir-Dried
KnotsUnlimited knots; generally tight, an occasional fallen out knot is allowed
Metal/HolesNails and fasteners are removed. NatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding will generally have nail holes and occasionally some bolt holes. Some staining around holes is common.
Checking/CracksUnlimited as long as board is sound; end cracks to extend no more than 12" into board.
Grain PatternMixed
SurfacingNatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding is produced by cutting 2" slabs from Rescued Logs, leaving the original rounded edges intact. The surface is hewn by Trestlewood personnel using a broad axe or adze, and then is naturally weathered over time; reverse face is roughsawn; the edges are generally rounded, though an occasional piece may have less wane. NatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding colors vary -- common colors include grays and browns and combinations of grays and browns. Trestlewood generally does not offer a color sort which does not allow for some latitude in color provided.
WeightDepending on species mix and thickness of material. Typically, NatureAged Hand Hewn Weathered Siding weighs approximately 3 pounds per board foot.
Surface RotThe edges of this product may have bug evidence, rot or other degradation. Trestlewood will sort out pieces which are unsound as a result of extensive rot. The rustic nature of this product is enhanced by some surface degradation and should be expected.
Appearance VariationBoards can vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The characteristics described on this specification sheet generally apply to each board's featured face. The opposite face and edges can differ from the featured face in texture, coloring, and other characteristics unless otherwise noted. Weathered lumber / barnwood will have at least one weathered face. The opposite face and edges can be any combination of weathered and fresh-sawn. If weathered, the weathering will often be different (amount, mix of colors, etc) than on the featured face.
Note: Please study specification sheets to familiarize yourself with product characteristics and their possible implications for your application.