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Cypress Picklewood: A Case Study in Versatility

Trestlewood customers tend to like "unique." Some of you prefer variation and contrast to consistency. We love the challenge of finding ways to use a single source of reclaimed wood to produce multiple products and looks. Cypress Picklewood should keep us all happy.

Cypress Picklewood is available for purchase in any of the following looks/configurations:

Cypress Picklewood Weathered Lumber
As-Is Weathered Lumber (1.5" to 3" thick)

Trestlewood has many truckloads of 1.5 - 3" thick weathered Cypress Picklewood (widths primarily 3-7"; lengths mostly up to 7').
Photo shows part of the boards with the weathered face and part with the band-sawn face
1" Lumber with One Weathered Face and One Band-Sawn Face

We often cut the as-is lumber into 1" (nominal) lumber with One Weathered Face and One Band-Sawn Face. This provides the option of featuring either type of "look" in your application. If your project calls for an especially distinctive/stunning contrast, you may even consider using a combination of the weathered and fresh-sawn faces (pictured). Available Kiln-Dried or Non-Kiln-Dried.

Thin (1/4" to 1/2") Band-Sawn Middles

A great budget option! When producing 1" lumber, we often also produce thin skins or middles that are band-sawn on both sides.
Cypress picklewood floor
Smooth T&G Flooring

Striking color variation and clear, tight grain make Trestlewood's Cypress Picklewood Flooring a stunning flooring option.

Please CONTACT US if you would like a quote on any of the above products, or if we can assist you with any of your reclaimed or other distinctive wood needs.

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