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Redwood Picklewood Ready for Your Project

Trestlewood's Blackfoot, Idaho, production team has processed a few thousand board feet of Redwood Picklewood to make it right ready for your project. This processed lumber is available in one of two forms:

1" Redwood Picklewood Lumber

  • 1 weathered face (the classic weathered picklewood look)

  • 1 band-sawn face (beautiful, rich redwood - see photos of resawn faces below)

  • actual thickness 3/4"+/-

  • random widths 3-7" (nominal)

Thin (1/4-1/2") Redwood Picklewood Band-Sawn Lumber

  • both faces resawn (band-sawn) - beautiful, rich redwood

  • thickness 1/4-1/2"

  • random widths 3-7" (nominal)

Advantages of Redwood Picklewood include: