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Authentic Hand Hewn Timbers

Hand Hewn Timbers have become incredibly popular for residences, cabins, lodges and other projects. Owners desire authentic timbers which represent their lofty ideals and values, yet are grounded in a solid sense of history. Designers and contractors seek to satisfy the goals of their clients while minimizing the inherent sourcing, quality and reliability issues which accompany the use of these unique materials.

Trestlewood has a unique approach to this market, which makes it your trusted source for Hand Hewn Timbers:

1) Quality: Trestlewood sorts and trims every timber as it comes into the yard. The result is that the customer receives quality timbers and spends its time building and not sorting through stacks of substandard timbers.

2) Selection: Trestlewood maintains an unmatched Hand Hewn inventory of mixed species timbers and more than 60,000 board feet of Oak Hand Hewn Timbers which ensures that Trestlewood is able to satisfy the needs of even the largest building project and come up with an option for even the most unique Hand Hewn Timber request. The result is that the customer can order the timbers it needs and can receive them when they need them.

3) Honest Information: Trestlewood barcodes every Hand Hewn Timber and maintains a searchable database of all of the timbers in stock. The result is that the customer can count on Trestlewood's information from the planning stage all the way through delivery and installation.

4) Accountability. Trestlewood maintains a powerful photo database, which allows the customer to browse through photos of projects which have used Trestlewood products in the past and inspect the timbers that Trestlewood proposes to send if the customer cannot visit Trestlewood's facility and chose the timbers in person.

5) Integrity: Trestlewood has a written Specification Sheet which describes the acceptable characteristics for Hand Hewn Timbers. In the rare circumstance that Trestlewood sends timbers that do not comply with the written specification sheet (or if the customer wants to return standard products for any reason), the customer is protected by the Trestlewood Product Liability and Return Policy.

Hand-Hewn Timbers and Trusses / Note the characteristics of HH timbers (pockets, etc.)
Please click on the adjacent photo to view pictures of a McCall, Idaho residence which was constructed using Authentic Hand Hewn Timbers. Please note the notches, pockets and other Hand Hewn characteristics that are prevalent in these timbers. This project used Hand Hewn Timbers in a range of sizes, including some 12x14x30'+ timbers. Trestlewood supplied the timbers on a tight timeframe and the result speaks for itself.
Hand Hewn Timbers
Please click on the adjacent photo to view a photoset of a Colorado barn which was constructed using Authentic Hand Hewn Timbers. Please note the pockets and other characteristics that are present in these timbers. The customer desired an authentic barn, with reclaimed materials throughout. Trestlewood's extensive inventory of reclaimed materials allowed it to supply multiple truckloads of specified sizes and lengths to the project in a timely fashion.
8x11 HH Timbers / HH Timbers
Please click on the adjacent photo to view pictures provided by Trestlewood to a customer. The customer's client wanted just the right timbers for a specific application in the home. Through our website, the customer was able to review and approve the timbers before they ever left the yard.
Please click on the adjacent photo to view a photoset which was provided by Trestlewood to a customer. In this case, the customer needed specific sizes and lengths of Hand Hewn Timbers of a particular quality. Trestlewood sorted through its barcoded inventory and came up with these timbers to show the customer. The customer reviewed the pictures of the timbers and approved them for shipment.
Hand Hewn Timbers / looking at top grey with mutiple notches
Please click on the adjacent photo to view pictures of Hand Hewn Timbers in Trestlewood's inventory. These particular timbers are larger cross-section timbers and generally have more notches, pockets and other characteristics than do smaller cross-section Hand Hewn Timbers.

Most Hand Hewn Timbers are roughly square in dimensions, though Trestlewood's inventory includes hundreds of rectangular sizes as well. When you provide a list of timbers you need, Trestlewood will sort for the dimensions (+/- 1" in each direction) and the lengths that are closest to your needs. After approval of the sort, Trestlewood will bill for the actual sizes and lengths shipped.

Please contact your Trestlewood representative to put Trestlewood's service to the test. We are convinced that you will appreciate the advantages that our deep inventory and accurate information will provide to you and your customers.

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