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2 x 14 Roughsawn Douglas Fir Salvaged from BC School

Trestlewood is pleased to offer these beauitiful 2x14 roughsawn Douglas Fir joists which were salvaged from a British Columbia schoolhouse. The width (14") and lengths (up to 20') are compelling and the colors and texture help create the perfect look.

Please browse through the pictures below to see if this source of material can help you on an upcoming project. With over 10,000 bf from this source, we are confident we can fill your needs. Of course, if you need other sizes or a different look, please visit our Barnwood Lumber Product Page to see projects which have used other sources of Trestlewood barnwood.

Pressure washed DF / Barnwood Brown Rough (2 x 14 DF)
The material was originally white-washed and has now been pressure-washed to reveal a very nice roughsawn texture.
Pressure washed DF / Barnwood Brown Rough (2 x 14 DF)--Close up
The color of the material ranges from brownish grays...
Pressure washed DF / Close-Up of Pressure Washed 2 x 14 DF browns.
Pressure washed DF / Edge view--Pressure Washed DF
The lengths are compelling for facia, beam wraps, siding and other applications where quality material in wide widths and long lengths are desirable.

Please visit us at or call me if you have any questions about these 2x14s or if you have any other reclaimed wood needs.

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