Assumes: Traveling north or south on I-15

  1. Take the Brigham City 900 North (milepost 365) exit
  2. Turn west (away from Brigham City)
  3. After traveling 2.4 miles, take the fork to the left labeled "Golden Spike National Monument"
  4. Travel for 16.1 miles, then turn left on a road that is labeled as leading to the Golden Spike National Monument
  5. In 1.8 miles you will reach another fork--take the left fork; a sign reading "Welcome to Promontory" is in the middle of the fork
  6. Continue traveling; in 20.5 miles the paved road gives way to a dirt road
  7. Travel an additional 11.5 miles to the "Y" in the road--take the left fork; go down the hill and across
    the railroad tracks; continue on this road, which will wind through material storage areas and on to the material processing area and the dock

Note: If coming from Boise on I-84, take milepost 26 exit; travel south (on route #83) for approximately 15 miles;
turn right on road near Thiokol; and follow instructions 5, 6 and 7 (above).

If you have problems/questions, contact:
-- Lindon, UT: Brad, 801.443.4002
-- Blackfoot, ID: Bob, 208.785.1152