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WeatheredBlend WeatheredBlend Timbers
WeatheredBlend Timbers is a blend/mix product that combines the strengths of several weathered timber sources to provide an optimized weathered timber package.

Defense Depot Weathered (6x6,9x12,10x12,10x14) Defense Depot Weathered Timbers
The Ogden Defense Depot was established by the US Army in 1941 to serve as an important supply hub for the expanding preparations for war. Dozens of large warehouses were built in short order using heavy-duty timber construction. The Defense Depot ceased functioning in 1997 as part of the federal government's Base Realignment and Closure efforts. Several of the large warehouses were dismantled and Trestlewood purchased the salvaged wood. The timbers are large sturdy Douglas Fir timbers which have notches and bolt holes to prove that they were once used in a WWII era heavy timber warehouse.