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California 12x12 Bridge Timbers California 12x12 Weathered Bridge Timbers
These weathered Douglas Fir timbers were used as falsework to support a bridge. The timbers are solid and sound and are ready to be incorporated into your next weathered timber project.

Antique Barnwood - Brown Tunnel Material Antique Barnwood - Brown Tunnel Material
The State of California performed a decades-long infrastructure project involving pipelines and canals to transport water from Northern California to the cities of Southern California. One of the engineering marvels of the process was to construct two 19' diameter tunnels through the fractural rock of the San Bernardino Mountains. One of the tunnels is nearly 20,000 feet long and the other is over 30,000 feet long. An ENR article about the project provides a good explanation of the project and some of the incredible challenges overcome by the workers on the tunnel project. Trestlewood was fortunate to obtain all of the wood planking which was used to allow men and machines easy transport within the tunnels during construction. The material is a great Brown Barnwood with many potential applications. Some of the boards are flat while others have a small ridge running down the center.

California 6x11 and 6x12 Weathered California 6x11 and 6x12 Weathered
These beautiful 6x11 and 6x12 Weathered Douglas Fir Timbers were salvaged from a California warehouse. They are nice, long, straight, reclaimed, brownish weathered timbers.

WeatheredBlend WeatheredBlend Timbers
WeatheredBlend Timbers is a blend/mix product that combines the strengths of several weathered timber sources to provide an optimized weathered timber package.

Oak Resawn Oak Resawn Timbers
Trestlewood's Oak Resawn Timbers are a compelling hardwood timber option. These timbers are resawn from Oak Weathered Timbers, Oak Weathered Timbers or Oak Weathered Timbers, making them rustic, beautiful, stable timbers with a past. You play an important role in determining which weathered timbers should be sawn to produce just the right timbers for your unique project. We generally sell you the weathered Oak timbers you decide are the best fit for your project and then sell you the services to process these timbers as you direct.

NatureAged Barnwood - Painted NatureAged Barnwood - Painted
NatureAged Barnwood is a great rustic value. NatureAged is new or rescued material that has been naturally weathered to give it an authentic rustic charm. NatureAged products are sometimes also known as Coverboard.