Q: What is the Best Way to Install a Trestlewood Mantel (or Siding or Flooring or...)?

Jan 23, 2014


"4. We are NOT experts in the installation or use of Trestlewood products.  We are not (and do not try to be) architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, installers or other construction industry professionals.  We do not do take-offs.  We strongly recommend that each project incorporating Trestlewood products enlist capable construction professionals who are fully aware of Trestlewood product characteristics so they can carefully consider the implications thereof for the specific location and application in which Trestlewood products are to be used."  

(item 4 in About Trestlewood, 15 Nov 2013)

We are occasionally asked for installation instructions for one of our products.  We do not have such instructions.  We do not feel qualified to provide such instructions for at least the following reasons:

  1. We don't install wood products and we don't know much about wood product installation (methods, best practices, etc)
  2. We are not experts in local regulations, building codes, etc
  3. We are not tied in to the climate and other conditions associated with your location
  4. We know very little about the other specifics of your project.

We do want to be helpful in any way that we can.  We try to provide accurate product information through specification sheets, proposal terms, etc (please make sure that these documents get into the right hands!)  We may periodically provide 3rd party installation-related information on our web site (via blog post, etc) that we think you might find useful.  Our salespeople see our materials used in a variety of ways and can sometimes provide ideas that might be worthy of further research.  Keep in mind that (a) Trestlewood does not certify the accuracy of any 3rd party information and that (b) Trestlewood salespeople are not installation experts and are not qualified or authorized to make installation recommendations.




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