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Cypress Picklewood: A Case Study in Versatility

Mar 23, 2015

1" Cypress Picklewood Lumber, mix of weathered and band-sawn faces

Trestlewood customers tend to like "unique."  Some of you prefer variation and contrast to consistency.  We love the challenge of finding ways to use a single source of reclaimed wood to produce multiple products and looks.  Cypress Picklewood should keep us all happy. 

Trestlewood has many truckloads of 1.5 - 3" thick weathered Cypress Picklewood (widths are primarily 3-7"; lengths are mostly up to 7'.)  We often cut this as-is lumber into 1" (nominal) lumber and thin skins or middles. Most of the 1" lumber we produce has one weathered face and one band-sawn face.  This gives you the option of featuring either the weathered face or the fresh-sawn face in your application.  If you are looking to create siding (or another finished product) with especially distinctive/stunning contrast, you might want to consider using a combination of weathered and fresh-sawn faces.  

Cypress Picklewood is available for purchase in any of the following looks/configurations:


1" Lumber With 1 Weathered Face and 1 Band-Sawn Face (kiln-dried and non-kiln-dried lumber available)


1" Cypress Picklewood Lumber, weathered face up

1" Cypress Picklewood Lumber, mix of weathered and band-sawn faces


As-Is Weathered Lumber (1.5 - 3" Thick)




Thin (1/4 - 1/2") Band-Sawn Middles




Smooth T&G Flooring

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