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Trestlewood II Circlesawn Resawn Slabs

If your customer is looking for a rustic reclaimed material for a siding, ceiling or trim project, we recommend that they consider Trestlewood II Circlesawn Resawn Slabs. TWII Resawn Slabs have a wonderful reclaimed character with circlesawn faces, wane on some of the edges, unique colors from the minerals of the Great Salt Lake and nice discolored surface checks.

TWII Resawn Slabs also have the advantage of being more solid and sound than standard barnwood, being available in consistently long lengths and being edged to a consistent width (4" and 6", with some 8" available).

TWII circlesawn slabs
When slabs are first produced, they have a fresh circlesawn texture, with color variations which are the result of the material's service as piling on the Lucin Cutoff Railroad Trestle which crossed the Great Salt Lake. These fresh cut slabs have a nice brown coloration.
TWII resawn slabs, weathered 1x6
Some slabs have been weathered so that they have a nice gray color similar to gray barn siding. Let us know whether you prefer the brownish fresh cut material or the gray weathered material. (All slabs have the unique wane edges on one face which give each piece a one-of-a-kind variability).
TWII Resawn Slabs Wedgelap Siding
Slabs can be installed as a wedgelap exterior siding with the wane edge helping the board to lie slightly more snug and providing a unique, rustic touch to the configuration. Note that this homeowner used gray and brown slabs together. He chose not to put a finish on the siding to allow the brown boards to weather and create a uniform weathered look over time.
Close-up of TWII Siding on Office
Slabs were installed vertically on Trestlewood's Indiana shop building. In this case, the wane edges were hidden, so the boards (alternating 4" and 6") look like standard square edge lumber.
Hand Hewn Oak Trusses and TWII Resawn Slab Ceiling
TWII Resawn Slabs were used as ceiling material in two high-end residences in Texas' Hill Country. In one, the colors of the slabs contrasted beautifully against the authentic Hand Hewn Oak Timber trusses.
TWII Timber Trusses and TWII Resawn Slab Ceiling
In the other, the slabs matched the TWII Circlesawn Timber trusses. In both cases, the slabs were butted edge to edge and were installed with the wane hidden. (The contractor put black felt paper on the ceiling first so that slight gapping would look fine).

Please review the Trestlewood II Circlesawn Resawn Slabs Specification Sheet for more details about this product. Contact your Trestlewood representative if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a sample of this unique product.

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