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Trestlewood Flooring Available for Shipment

Beautiful. Distinctive. Sustainable.

All are true, but a single word cannot describe the wide range of look, feel, and history afforded by Trestlewood flooring. Our unmatched selections will provide an ideal alternative for any setting.

Trestlewood's inventory of reclaimed wood flooring is BROAD, with multiple options--each of which offers a unique character all its own--and DEEP, with significant quantities in flooring and lumber to back it up.

Click on the pictures below for additional information on each of our major product lines, including detailed specification sheets and links to additional photos. Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

Trestlewood II Flooring - Breakfast Nook
The salt and other minerals of the Great Salt Lake have helped create our signature Trestlewood II (Salty Fir) Flooring product line, known for its wide range of colors and other unique characteristics.

Common Sizes: random widths 3-7"; lengths up to 10'

Textures: smooth, wire-brush, circle-sawn, as-is circle-sawn, skip-planed
Picklewood Bottoms Flooring
Picklewood Flooring, sourced primarily from large wooden pickle and vinegar vats, is a unique and popular distressed floor alternative.

Common Sizes: random widths 4-7"+; lengths up to 8'

Textures: smooth, wire-brush, circle-sawn, as-is, skip-planed
Douglas Fir #2 Flooring
Classic Douglas Fir Flooring is produced from timbers and lumber reclaimed from a variety of structures.

Common Sizes: random widths 3-7"+; lengths up to 10'

Textures: smooth, wire-brush, circle-sawn
A rustic, knotty alternative is Trestlewood's Heart Pine/Southern Yellow Pine Flooring. Chicago's Spiegel Catalog warehouse is one of the many unique sources for this material.

Common Sizes: random widths 3-7" (SYP 4.75" & 8.25"); lengths up to 14'

Textures: smooth, circle-sawn
Skip-Planed Oak Floor / 30% Skip, 70% Smooth
The characteristics and history of Antique Oak Flooring make it a popular choice, having been primarily reclaimed from various hand-built structures including old barns and mills. Trestlewood also offers a Coverboard Oak flooring option.

Common Sizes: random widths 3-5"+; lengths up to 10'

Textures: smooth, skip-planed, circle-sawn, as-is
Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood Flooring
Trailblazer Flooring, a mixed hardwood favorite, comes from a wide variety of early American structures.

Common Sizes: random widths 3-7"; lengths up to 10'

Textures: smooth, circle-sawn
Greenheart Flooring (Tan and Red Mix)
One of Trestlewood's most durable and unique products, Greenheart Flooring, was produced from lumber used as decking on old railroad box cars.

Size: width 3"; length 3'

Textures: smooth, circle-sawn
Antique Chestnut Flooring
Reclaimed Chestnut Flooring is a rare find, but something Trestlewood frequently has in stock. This is a beautiful product that is rich in history.

Common Sizes: random widths 3-5"+; lengths up to 12' (give us a call for details on current availability)

Textures: smooth, as-is, skip-planed
Trailblazer Mixed HW T&G Flooring (Skip-Planed)
Barnwood Flooring, from historic North American barns, comes in a mix of species, most commonly douglas fir, pine, or others.

Common Sizes: random widths 4-7"+; lengths up to 10'

Textures: as-is, skip-planed, smooth, wire-brush, circlesawn

Please contact your Trestlewood representative with any flooring needs you have for upcoming projects.

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