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Trestlewood Mantel Selection Tool

Trestlewood is pleased to announce the completion of its powerful new Mantel Selection Tool. With this tool, you and your clients can browse or search Trestlewood's inventory of finished and unfinished mantels and find one which is perfectly suited to your project. Of course, Trestlewood maintains the ability to create custom mantels, so we are able to create a mantel with the look you are after and the dimensions you require.

TWII Band-Sawn / Sanded Mantel
Trestlewood has dozens of finished and unfinished mantels in stock. We could burn through a lot of electrons trying to explain all of the possibilities. Instead, we invite you to visit our Mantel Selection Tool and use it to zero in on mantels with characteristics that are appealing to you.
10 x 12 x 10' Hand-Hewn Mantel (left) and about a 9 x 9 x 11' Mantel (right)
When you click on one of the mantel styles displayed by the Mantel Selection Tool, you will be taken to a mantel product page with additional information about the selected mantel style (example: Hand-Hewn Unfinished Mantels.)
Hand-Hewn Elm Mantel
Another example: Hand-Hewn Finished Mantels. Often thumbnails of additional photos of the selected mantel style will be overlaid on the right hand side of the feature photo. Click on any thumbnail to make it the feature photo. Note that these photos generally are not photos of mantels currently in stock, but provide a sampling of mantels of the selected style that we have produced in the past (some of them installed in finished projects.)
Hardwood Hearth
Mantel product pages often have "FIND INVENTORY" link(s) on the left menu that take you to a list of mantels of the selected style which are currently in stock and ready to ship. Many of the mantels include a thumbnail photo. Clicking on this thumbnail brings up additional photos of the mantel. For an example of a barcoded mantel inventory list, see Current Inventory of Finished Hardwood and Specialty Mantels.

Please take a moment to enjoy the search functionality of our Mantel Selection Tool. We're sure you'll find something intriguing. If you find a mantel that is just the look you are after but is not quite the right size (or is a mantel that is no longer available,) just tell us (1) the photo # and/or barcode # of interest and (2) your ideal dimensions, and we will put together a custom mantel quote for your consideration.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - We will throw in shipping to most locations in the continental United States for any retail mantel purchase made in December, 2010.