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Trestlewood's Flooring Selection Tool

The Trestlewood team has again been busy improving the functionality of We are pleased to announce the completion of our Flooring Selection Tool, which allows you and your customers to sort through Trestlewood's many flooring options using a variety of characteristics as search criteria. For example, you can sort for flooring with a specific level of character, surfacing, color or species (or any combination of those factors).

Following is a sampling of some of the flooring options you will find when using the Flooring Selection Tool.

Trestlewood II Flooring - Breakfast Nook
Our Trestlewood II Flooring remains one of our signature offerings. It is available in smooth and Circlesawn Skip-Planed textures. For those on a budget, 5" Circlesawn Skip-Planed product is our most aggressively-priced Trestlewood II flooring option.
Douglas Fir Flooring
Douglas Fir flooring is a classic option, especially in the west and southwest, where Douglas Fir was the historical building material of choice. We are currently offering 2000+ sf of discontinued profile DF Flooring with Circlesawn texture at the special price of $3.50/sf.
Southern Yellow Pine powered building booms in the Southern states and later in the industrial Midwest. Now, Heart Pine is popular across the country as an historic, beautiful, durable floor surface. For a limited time, Trestlewood is offering our 4.75" naily Heart Pine floor at a special price. Please call your Trestlewood representative for details.
White/Red Pine Flooring
Trestlewood purchased several truckloads of White/Red Pine lumber which was produced from Quebec sinker logs. This product has a sharp, clean appearance and has been a perfect solution for floor, ceiling and paneling needs. We have only a limited quantity of this source of material left and it is offered on a first-come-first-served basis at a discounted price.
Reclaimed Oak Flooring / Reclaimed Oak Flooring
Antique Oak (in Smooth or Skip-Planed texture) is a timeless classic. You can't go wrong choosing this American original. If 4.5" width or a range of 2" - 4.5" suits your project's needs, ask us about our special pricing on those materials.
Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood Smooth Flooring / Field Museum
Trestlewood's Trailblazer T&G Flooring is a unique blend of hearty North American hardwoods. If you are looking for a durable floor with a unique look that you won't see elsewhere, look no further. This product is also available in Skip-Planed texture.
Cherry floor
Trestlewood's Rescued Cherry is one of our most popular offerings, but unfortunately, we only have a few thousand feet of product left. About half of our limited stock is spoken for and the rest is priced at closeout pricing and will not last long.

Trestlewood has far too many flooring options to list them all on this email update. We invite you to visit and test drive the Flooring Selection Tool. We are confident that you will find a flooring solution that perfectly matches your needs.

Please contact your Trestlewood representative if you have any questions about the Flooring Selection Tool or if you would like more information about any of the special offerings referenced in this email. We likely have something to match your desired look and budget.

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