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Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood - Weathered
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Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood - Weathered


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DescriptionHeightWidthLengthPriceQuantity Discounts
Mixed Width Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood Weathered Lumber1"Rand 3-6"Rand 2-8'$6.40
$5.76 per bf
 1,000 bf+ 

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DescriptionHeightWidthLengthPriceQuantity Discounts
Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood Weathered Lumber
1 to 2"

Rand 4 to 12'1,000 bf+ 

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Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood - Weathered - Product Info

Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood is carefully reclaimed from siding, roof boards, granary boards, loft floors and other parts of vintage structures. Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood is regularly used for exterior siding, interior paneling, ceiling material, soffit material, fascia, base and case, trim, doors, cabinets, etc.

Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood generally has a mixture of brown and gray tones and has the texture of old saw marks on at least one face.


  • Texture: Rough sawn (bandsawn or circlesawn)
  • Color: Mix of browns with some grayish tones
  • Variation: Wide range of different color tones, textures and looks is a feature of this product
  • Nail holes and staining associated with the holes is common
  • Species: Mixed Species (may include Oak, Elm, Hickory, Ash, Maple, Beech, Poplar, others)
  • Edges may be weathered or freshly edged

Standard Dimensions and Configurations

  • Thickness: 1" (ranges from 5/8"-4/4") or 2" (ranges from 1 5/8"-8/4")
  • Width: 4-12" (width is generally up to 1/2" nominal)
  • Length: Random, generally from 4' to 16'
  • Options: Narrows (best price), upcharges for special color or texture sort, specific widths and/or lengths, wider widths, kiln-drying and fumigating



Barns, corncribs, stables, mills, homes and other buildings and agricultural structures from different locations in North America.
Note: Please study specification sheets to familiarize yourself with product characteristics and their possible implications for your application.