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Beautiful Brown Barnwood Materials from Wendell, Idaho Grain Elevator

In 1917, the Wendell Milling and Elevator Company built several large warehouses for the storage of agricultural products. Ten years later, they expanded the business by adding a sixty-foot tall grain elevator to the facility. The elevator was the tallest structure in town at the time.

Over the years, the facility was an important economic driver of the community. A wide variety of crops were stored and sold from the warehouses, including wheat, barley, potatoes and red, white, pink and pinto beans. As farms got bigger and transportation of crops got more efficient, the facility in Wendell became outdated and demolition began in December of 2010. A Magic Valley Times News article documents the details of this historic structure's deconstruction.

Grain Elevator Deconstruction
These photos were taken prior to and during the deconstruction of the Wendell, Idaho grain elevator and warehouses. The buildings were constructed with high-quality local softwoods and were carefully deconstructed to preserve the beautiful rough patina of the materials.
Wendell, ID grain elevator
The main floor of the warehouse was constructed with roughsawn 3x12 and 3x13 joists. These materials are now available for sale as 3x12 and 3x13 timbers or split into 1" or 2" barnwood.
Brown Barnwood and Timbers from Grain Elevator
The materials have a rich, brown color and a nice roughsawn patina. Sizes include 3x7, 3x12, 3x13, 6x6 and 7x7. Please contact your Trestlewood representative if you have questions about this batch of historic materials or visit the Grain Elevator Lumber Product Page.

Trestlewood is pleased to offer 2" Trestlewood II T&G flooring at special pricing. This product is the high-quality product you have come to expect from Trestlewood, but it is run from all of the material which would not make wider widths. Consider this material for applications where wider widths might be problematic or where your customer is looking for a world-class floor at a budget price!

Spring is here and that means the building season is upon us in the mountains! Please give us a call or contact us on the web and let us know what we can do to help you with your projects.

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