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Trestlewood Offers Douglas Fir Trophy Timbers

Trestlewood has gathered incredible timbers from four different sources in the United States and Canada and now offers these timbers to architects and builders whose clients demand a jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind project. We are confident that these timbers can help to create a project which will not be duplicated in the club or on the slope!

These timbers were cut from trees whose majesty can only be imagined today. They come in huge sizes like 36x36x27' and 18x36x34'. This Specification Sheet describes the general characteristics that one should expect in reclaimed Douglas Fir timbers, but these trophy timbers are so unique that if your client is interested, we will take multiple pictures of the timber you select and describe in detail its characteristics.

Our scientific process indicates that the biggest of these timbers would have been seedlings before Columbus sailed for the New World. (Our scientific process was Bobby and Paul Cannon, ages 13 and 12, counting the rings--sometimes needing the assistance of a magnifying glass). If your client is looking for the ultimate statement piece, with historical significance, ecological responsibility and the incredible beauty that only old growth timber has, these are the pieces for you.

End view of 36x36 DF timber / DF bridge timber
This photoset shows the characteristics of six timbers which were salvaged from Western Canada logging bridges. (Click on the photo to be taken to a photoset on our web site where you will be able to see several photos of the timbers.)
10x16 Dry Dock Timbers
This photoset shows 10" x 16" timbers which were salvaged from a drydock on the west coast of the U.S.
11x20 x 49 DF Trophy Timber
This photoset shows a 12" x 21" x 49' timber which was salvaged from a Western U.S. demolition project.

Please call your Trestlewood representative if you have any questions about this source or if you have other distinctive wood needs.

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