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Picklewood Skins

From time-to-time, we are asked for thin materials that can cover walls, ceilings, soffits or other areas without being too thick or too heavy. It generally isn't economical to take 1" barnwood and create thinner product because the waste is too great and the processing costs make the product too expensive.

One of our best solutions is Douglas Fir Picklewood Skins. The lumber from which this offcut is produced is originally 1.5" thick. We cut it to 1" to be able to produce standard flooring and kiln dried millwork stock. The offcut is +/- 3/8" thick x random width x random length. It is perfectly weathered on one face and is a clear mixed grain Douglas Fir on the other face. It was originally used in pickling vats, so it has a unique history and has a mineral content to prove it! (See Spec Sheet.)

The Picklewood Skins have a great range of gray and brown weathered tones on one face.
Weathered Side Visible
They are useful in interior applications as paneling...
...and exterior applications as siding or soffit material.
Picklewood Skins - Ceiling. Back (non-weathered) side visible.
The Picklewood Skins have a clean bandsawn Douglas Fir look on the back face. Some staining from where the pickling brine interacted with metal is fairly common, but not overpowering.

Please contact your Trestlewood Representative if you have a need for a unique, thin, price-competitive reclaimed wood product.

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