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Picklewood Bottoms

Early in the 20th century, pickle vendors operating out of pushcarts and wooden barrels filled the early-morning streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side. Across the country, similar scenes unfolded every day, as pickle purveyors mixed with customers and competitors alike in seeking to sell their wares.

While many of these street-side entrepreneurs would have produced small quantities of pickles in their own homes, some family businesses grew to the point of creating pickle vat "farms" -- row after row of large wooden pickle vats -- used to cure the pickles to perfection. Some of these family-centered pickle makers still utilize these wooden vats today. In many cases, however, the wood from the old wooden vats has been reclaimed and is now being given a new life.

DF Picklewood Bottoms T & G Flooring / DF PW Bottoms Flooring
The old pickle barrels consist of both Staves (the side of the barrel) and Bottoms (the bottom of the barrel). The wood salvaged from the Picklewood Bottoms, and some of the thicker Staves, contain rich but subtle color variations. The photoset linked here shows some of this unique coloration, as well as the clear, tight grain characteristic of this product line. Here is a link to our flooring specification sheet:

Specification Sheet #2011 - Picklewood T&G Flooring
Douglas Fir Picklewood Bottoms
When not run into flooring, Picklewood Bottoms are also available in their more natural state as weathered lumber. The most common thickness for this material is 2-3" with the most common widths between 4-12". A detailed specification sheets is available here:

Specification Sheet #2212 - Picklewood Rustic Millwork Stock
27 sf
For many product lines, Trestlewood's website now provides photographs of a handful of individual units that are packaged and ready to sell. Please feel free to browse a sampling of our Picklewood Bottom Flooring units and Picklewood Bottom Weathered Lumber units. In all cases you can use these links to request a quote for these product lines, and in some cases you can simply buy online!
Vinegarwood Staves and Bottoms
Our yard in Twelve Mile, Indiana has just received a fresh batch of material salvaged from a New York tank yard (see photoset pictured to the left for snapshots of some of the as-is bundles). CONTACT US today for special pricing on this material shipping from our Indiana location.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to consider our Reclaimed Picklewood Bottoms for your next project or need any additional information. As you can see, while the phrase "bottom of the barrel" might often mean "least desirable," our Picklewood Bottoms prove that just the opposite can be true!

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