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Your Guide to Barnwood

Barnwood is one of our most requested siding and lumber product lines. Trestlewood carries several different "flavors" of barnwood, each with its own unique characteristics. This "Barnwood Guide" email is intended to help you navigate some of the most popular options:


Antique Barnwood is the "real deal!" This material has been reclaimed from old barns, mills, stables, homes and other agricultural, construction or industrial structures. Because this material is authentic/antique it also "is what it is," with a fairly fixed set of characteristics/limitations. The most common widths available for Antique Barnwood are in the 4-8" range (making these widths the best $ value; widths up to 12"+ are often available but at a higher price point). Lengths generally range from 4-12'.

Trestlewood sorts its Antique Barnwood by both color and texture: Gray Rough, Brown Rough and Smooth Brown / Gray Mix (heavier to browns). We currently have over 800,000 board feet of Antique Barnwood in inventory.
NatureAged Siding, Hand-Hewn Skins, TWII Weathered Timbers

NatureAged Barnwood is our own manufactured barnwood product. Rescued or new material is naturally weathered to give it an authentic rustic charm. Some of the advantages to NatureAged over Antique Barnwood include: (1) wider widths (heavy to 8-12"), (2) longer lengths (from 8-20') and (3) a lower price point!

Do you like the NatureAged advantages but still want material that is truly reclaimed? We would suggest our WeatheredBlend Barnwood option. This is simply a fancy way of saying a mix of our Antique and NatureAged products. With WeatheredBlend you get a "best-of-both-worlds" combination -- the consistency and economy of NatureAged and the unique and historic character of Antique Barnwood.

For many of our customers, "barnwood" is really more of a "look" than any particular product source. We have several other weathered wood options that may work well -- often at great price points -- depending on your particular application.

Some of our most popular weathered woods include Weathered Picklewood Skins, Salty Fir Weathered Slabs, Mushroomwood, Spiegel Southern Yellow Pine, Thin Pine Skins and Weathered Oak. Feel free to browse these and several other weathered options on our Lumber Selection Page.
NatureAged Red Painted Barnwood

Just a quick note regarding Painted Barnwood. We carry some Antique Painted Barnwood options (primarily reds and whites) but this material generally contains lead-based paint so we strongly encourage caution when considering the use of this material. A great alternative is our NatureAged Painted Barnwood. In addition to NOT having lead-based paint, this product gives us much more control over the production process, including the sizes, colors and the amount of paint applied (faded vs. more solid, etc.) Take a look at a few batches we've taken photos of.

We hope this "Guide" is useful in helping you navigate the world of barnwood. Please CONTACT US any time if you have questions or we can be of assistance.

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