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4x6 Reclaimed Hardwood Blocks

Construction of the Ruby Pipeline -- a 678 mile, 42-inch diameter natural gas pipeline stretching from Opal, Wyoming to Malin, Oregon -- was quite an undertaking. This year-long project used significant amounts of wood timbers for crane mats and other functions in support of the construction activity. Now Trestlewood is giving this wood a second life.

4x6x4 Mixed Hardwood Blocks
Trestlewood obtained a large number of 4" x 6" x 3'10"-4' hardwood blocks that were used on the Ruby Pipeline project. Trestlewood sorts these timbers into two main categories: (1) Oak and (2) Mixed Hardwoods.
These blocks may be used in either Weathered or Resawn Timber applications. The Oak Weathered Blocks pictured here were sold to a mill to be planed and used for Reclaimed Oak Stair Treads.
The blocks can also be further processed into either weathered or resawn lumber. The project pictured to the left made great utilization of this material as a herringbone patterned "barnwood" siding. One customer even had us mix in some of our NatureAged Red Painted Barnwood for an interior wall paneling application.
Beautiful Reclaimed Oak Flooring can also be generated from the block oak lumber. This flooring is available with either smooth (pictured) or skip-planed surfacing. The lengths from this particular source also lend themselves well to wainscot applications.
The Mixed Hardwood lumber produces another striking flooring product which supplements our Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood Flooring line. The pictured project (to the left) used Trailblazer Mixed Hardwood Skip-Planed flooring produced solely from the 4x6 blocks.

As always, please CONTACT US any time if you have questions or we can be of assistance with these or any of our reclaimed or other distinctive wood products.

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