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8x16x32' Reclaimed Douglas Fir Weathered Timbers

Trestlewood is excited to tell you about our over 150,000 board feet of recently acquired 8x16x32' Douglas Fir Weathered Timbers.

These timbers, which were originally used as support timbers on a bridge construction project, bring back fond memories of the 8x16x30' stringers from the bridge project that gave Trestlewood its start (and its name), the Lucin Cutoff Railroad Trestle.

How do these timbers compare to the 8x16x30' stringers from the trestle? They are not as tight-grained, straight and pristine as the best trestle stringers (then again, very few timbers are!) On the plus side, they are 2' longer and have significantly less metal in them. Both these timbers and the trestle stringers have a very nice weathered look.

8x16 x 32' Reclaimed Douglas Fir Weathered Timbers
8x16x32' DF Weathered Timbers

Click the image to the left to view several photos of these timbers.

Please CONTACT US any time and we'd be happy to put a quote together for you on these or any of our reclaimed or other distinctive wood products.

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