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Reclaimed Picklewood Cypress

Reclaimed Cypress is one of the most beautiful species coming out of old pickle vat yards. Raw, As-Is/Weathered Picklewood Cypress Lumber is generally 1-3" thick, 4-10" wide and 4-12' long.

Whether in its as-is form or processed further, this product has a long list of potential applications. The following photo galleries show what a few of our customers have created using Picklewood Cypress:

Spiral Stair Case (From Cypress)
Project Location: Colorado

Application: Flooring, Railings, Cabinets, Doors, etc.

Products: Picklewood Cypress Flooring and Picklewood Cypress Millwork Stock
Gazebo / Cypress Wainscot/DF Timbers
Project Location: Idaho

Application: Gazebo Ceiling and Side Paneling

Products: Picklewood Cypress Millwork Stock and Picklewood Redwood Millwork Stock
Cypress and Redwood Deck / The yellowish material is cypress; the reddish is redwood
Project Location: Illinois

Application: Decking and Railing

Products: Picklewood Cypress Millwork Stock and Picklewood Redwood Millwork Stock
Weathered Cypress
Project Location: Colorado

Application: Cabinets, Interior Paneling

Products: Picklewood Cypress Weathered Lumber (finish was applied on-site)
Cypress Picklewood Deck / Note the as-is weathered patina on this decking
Project Location: Montana

Application: Decking

Products: Picklewood Cypress Weathered Lumber and TWII Salty Fir Circle-Sawn Timbers
Cypress Picklewood Mantel
Picklewood Cypress also makes beautiful fireplace mantels!

Please CONTACT US if you have questions or we can be of assistance with this or any of our reclaimed or other distinctive wood products.

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