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Weathered Decking with Original T&G
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Weathered Decking with Original T&G


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DescriptionHeightWidthLengthPriceQuantity Discounts
1.5x5 Barnwood Decking with Original T&G1.5"5"Rand 6-12'+ 
1.5x5 Weathered Decking with Original T&G and White Paint (primarily on 1 side)1.5"5"Rand 4-14'+ 
2.5x5 Weathered Decking with Original T&G and Faded White Paint (primarily on 1 side)2.5"5"Rand 6-12'+ 
2.5x5 Weathered Pine Decking with Beaded Edge & Original T&G2.5"5"Rand 11-19'+ 
3x5 Weathered Pine Decking with Beaded Edge & Original T&G3"5"Rand 15-19'+ 
4x5 Weathered Decking with Original T&G4"5"Rand 10-19'+ 

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Weathered Decking with Original T&G - Product Info

If you would like a thick barnwood tongue and groove (T&G) product, but would like to avoid the expense of adding a T&G to barnwood lumber, you might want to consider barnwood lumber that was salvaged with a tongue and groove already on it.

You will need to keep in mind that (1) this lumber will not fit together as well as lumber with a fresh-milled T&G; (2) there will be some falldown to deal with; and (3) this type of lumber often has some amount of paint (likely lead based) on at least one face. But if you and your application can deal with these issues, this lumber can provide an authentic barnwood T&G product with some nice cost savings.

Specification Sheet #7304 - Weathered Decking with Original T&G
SpeciesVarious depending on source; likely softwoods
SourceVarious reclaimed wood projects
Standard DimensionsVary depending on source: a) Common Thickness: 1.5" to 4" (nominal); b) Common Width: 5" (nominal); c) Common Lengths: from 4' to 14'+.
Moisture Content/StabilityAir-Dried
KnotsUnlimited knots; some tight, some fallen out
MetalNails, bolts and other fasteners can be removed, cut flush or left as-is. Some metal can be broken off inside the beam.
Checking/CracksUnlimited, but generally sound. Some falldown is to be expected.
Grain PatternMixed
SurfacingWeathered (degree of weathering varies); original surface may have been rough-sawn, band-sawn or planed, but may have been worn rather smooth; potential for some surface degradation (water damage, surface rot, "punkiness").
ProfileOriginal/As-Is Tongue and Groove (T&G). Given the reclaimed nature of the decking, tongues and grooves may be damaged or broken and will generally not fit together as well as lumber with fresh-milled T&G. Some sources may have beaded faces or other original milled characteristics, which may also be somewhat damaged or broken. Some falldown is to be expected and, depending on application, should be taken into account when determining order quantity.
WeightDepends on species mix. Typically, 2.5 - 3.0 pounds per board foot.
Appearance VariationBoards can vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. Opposite faces and edges especially can differ in texture, coloring, paint, and other characteristics.
Lead-Based PaintWeathered Decking with Original T&G may have originally been painted with lead-based paint. Trestlewood does not test for lead content and sells this product as-is. Buyer understands that it must determine which uses are appropriate for this product.