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Mixed Hardwoods/Softwoods Antique Barnwood

Check out this source of Mixed Hardwoods/Softwoods Antique Barnwood. This barnwood lumber is generally 1" thick (5/8"+); 4-12" wide; 5-10' long; mixed hardwoods and softwoods (often heavy to hardwoods); and weathered on both faces. The following photos provide a sampling of some of the color tones and character in this barnwood product (clicking on any of these photos allows you to cycle through several other photos of this lumber.)

Browns (Backsides of Gray)
Browns (Backsides of Grays) This source is one of our best options for barnwood lumber that is nicely weathered on both faces. Some of this lumber is weathered predominantly gray on one face and predominantly brown on the opposite face; some is weathered predominantly brown on both faces (the weathering can be somewhat different from one face to another.)
Mixed Browns/Grays
Mixed Browns/Grays We think that this source facilitates some really cool color combinations. The weathering on both faces of most boards (with opposite faces sometimes weathered differently) provides additional choice and, hence, flexibility.

This product is sold as 1" x Rand 4-12" x Rand 5-10' Mixed Hardwoods/Softwoods Antique Barnwood. Online pricing reflects an additional 15% discount from standard online pricing (for a limited time.) Contact your Trestlewood representative for large quantity or other special pricing.

Processing options often available for this product at additional cost include metal removal/detection; kiln drying; fumigation; and edging.

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