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Trestlewood Offers Antique Oak T&G Flooring

Trestlewood recently purchased twenty truckloads of 1" antique oak lumber. This lumber has nice circlesawn marks and dark checking and as a result, it produces finished flooring with good character whether your customer prefers a skip-planed texture or smooth.

The magnitude of this purchase also allows Trestlewood to offer Antique Oak T&G Flooring visually sorted into red and white oak sorts. For the discriminating client who insists on a high quality Antique Oak floor in red or white oak, give your Trestlewood representative a call.

Antique Red Oak Smooth T&G Flooring
This Antique Oak floor has a smooth texture and has been visually sorted for red oak. Because all of the material came from weathered 1" boards, there is a lot of micro-checking and character that shows through even though the floor has a smooth texture.
Park City Skip-Planed Oak Floor / Skip-Planed Antique Oak flooring - Living Room
Trestlewood's Skip-planed Antique Oak was the perfect solution for a Park City, Utah residence on the slopes. Big dogs, ski boots and heavy traffic will only add to the character that this floor already brings to the table. Note that Trestlewood's standard mix of skip-planed to smooth material is 30% skipped to 70% smooth.
Antique Oak Skip-Planed Flooring / Roughly 30% skipped and 70% smooth (note the distress checking)
This photoset shows close-up views of Trestlewood's Skip-planed Antique Oak Flooring in the 30% skipped and 70% smooth configuration.
For customers who prefer an extremely rustic floor, Trestlewood offers a skip-planed option with skipping evidence on virtually every board.
As-Is Oak Shiplap Face Nailed / This floor was sanded to achieve the desired character
Another option for customers desiring a more rustic floor is an as-is face floor (we do not machine the face at all). The floor is installed, sanded on site to achieve the desired level of character and color and then face nailed with old-style square-cut nails.

Trestlewood invites you to match your customer's needs with our inventory. We are confident that we can produce the award-winning looks that your customers are after.

Please visit us at to see other Antique Oak Flooring options and pictures of all of our reclaimed wood products.

Please read all about the Antique Oak details at the Antique Oak Specification Sheet.