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Weathered Gray Coverboard Barnwood and Shiplap

Coverboard Barnwood is Trestlewood's solution for consistent weathered gray material in wide widths and long lengths.

Coverboard Barnwood is environmentally sensitive because it is A) reclaimed material which is not sufficiently weathered, B) rescued material salvaged from fire-killed or beetle killed logging tracts, and C) new material which has weathered out of grade or which is otherwise being liquidated. It is weathered by the harsh Promontory Point, Utah elements to achieve a wonderful gray color which is desired by many customers.

Coverboard Barnwood can be used in any application where you would use standard barnwood, including trim, facia, soffit, siding, paneling, etc. Please consult the Coverboard Lumber Specification Sheet and Coverboard Siding Specification Sheet for complete specifications of Coverboard Barnwood.

Coverboard Barnwood Siding
Coverboard Barnwood is perfect for siding where the customer wants wide widths, long lengths and a consistent rustic gray appearance.
Stable Doors / These stable doors (dutch door style) are constructed using coverboard barnwood
Coverboard Barnwood can be used for accessories like doors and windows and associated trim.
NatureAged Paneling / (backside out)
Coverboard Barnwood makes a sharp paneling for interior use as well. These photos show the back (brown) side of Coverboard Barnwood. In this instance, the customer stained the Coverboard Barnwood to achieve the pictured result.
Coverboard Shiplap Siding with 5/8\
Coverboard Barnwood also makes a classy 4 3/4" shiplap with 5/8" reveal. This product is currently being offered by Trestlewood at "seed the market" prices which are available for the first 20,000 sf of product sold and for a limited time.

Please consult the Coverboard Lumber Product Page for additional pictures of and information about Coverboard products. If you have any questions, please call your Trestlewood representative for additional details and pricing for your projects.

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