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Beautiful 2x12 DF Planks Available for Your Project

The State of California recently completed a decades-long infrastructure project involving pipelines and canals to transport water from Northern California to the cities of Southern California.

One of the engineering marvels of the process was to construct two 19' diameter tunnels through the fractural rock of the San Bernardino Mountains. One of the tunnels is nearly 20,000 feet long and the other is over 30,000 feet long. An ENR article about the project provides a good explanation of the project and some of the incredible challenges overcome by the workers on the tunnel project. The Arrowhead Tunnels Project Website also provides interesting information about the project including pictures and short video clips.

Trestlewood was offered the opportunity to purchase all of the wood planking which was used to allow men and machines easy transport within the tunnels during construction. We could not pass up the opportunity to market this historic source of beautiful material and now Trestlewood makes this material available to you.

Tunnel Boring Machine breaking through a mountain face to finish Arrowhead Tunnel Project
This photoset shows the Tunnel Boring Machine ("TBM") breaking through the face of the mountain at the end of one of the tunnels. The break-through was a big event, capping years of tunneling and decades of planning.
2x12 Tunnel Planks
This photoset shows tunnel planks as they were pulled from the project and bundled for shipment to Trestlewood. These planks are covered with a fine gray slurry dust which results from the TBM grinding the rocks of the mountain into fine bits.
2x12 Tunnel Planks / After Pressure Washing
The tunnel material is a beautiful rich brown barnwood after we pressurewash and prepare the material for sale. The material is slightly nominal in dimensions and the majority is long (up to 20' lengths).
Bevel cut siding w/rabbit (11\
Trestlewood also manufactures a bevel-lap siding from the 2x12 tunnel material. This product is cut on an angle to produce a wedge-shaped product. A rabet is then machined into the thick edge to allow the siding to lay flat against the wall.

Give us a call if you have a need for beautiful wide brown barnwood in solid long lengths. We are confident that our historic Arrowhead Tunnel material can find a place in your project.

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