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Quality Barnwood Sorted for Size, Color and Texture

You know the unique weathered barnwood look that your customer is seeking, but you dread getting embroiled in the sourcing, quality and reliability problems that sometimes accompany the purchase of these beautifully unique materials.

Trestlewood provides the best value for the purchase of authentic weathered barnwood materials by maintaining an unmatched stock of unique weathered materials, by keeping detailed inventory information at our fingertips and by painstakingly communicating the details of each transaction with our customers. Remember, you are not just buying wood, you are hiring a team of professionals who are committed to helping you satisfy your customer's unique design dreams.

Oldfather Barn
Trestlewood barnwood begins as part of a dignified, old structure built by one of our nation's early settlers. Trestlewood carefully salvages (or purchases from professional dismantlers) the old wood and transports it to one of our facilities for further processing.
Barnwood for approval
Before any of the material is available for sale, Trestlewood processes it and sorts it so that it meets the standards of our Specification Sheet.
Barnwood naturally varies in dimensions, colors and textures and Trestlewood works hard to sort it into acceptable ranges of colors and dimensions. The beauty and charm of barnwood is its random character and Trestlewood cannot (and doesn't attempt to) eliminate variations in color and dimensions entirely, but the sorts make the barnwood Trestlewood ships easier to work with and install.
Light Brown barnwood
The barnwood is sorted into different colors, from browns and grays...
Faded Red Barnwood / 1x12 x 4
Faded Red Barnwood
Weathered Pine Joists
Barnwood is also sorted for texture--roughsawn and smooth.
Gray Corral Board / 2 x 8 Corral Board
During the process, Trestlewood trims bad ends, edges bad edges and depending on the source, removes or cuts off protruding metal. The end result is barnwood which is a high quality, dependable product.
Red Painted Barnwood (1 x 4 weathered edge)
Before we ship your order, we can take pictures of the materials we have selected for your needs and post the pictures on our website ( for your approval, if requested. That way, we minimize the likelihood that you will need to use Trestlewood's Product Liability and Return Policy.
Trestlewood II Exterior Timbers/Barnwood Siding
Of course, Trestlewood's barnwood looks its best after it has been installed on your beautiful project.

Please contact your Trestlewood representative to put Trestlewood's service to the test. We are convinced that you will appreciate the advantages that our deep inventory and accurate information will provide to you and your customers.

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