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Cannon Salvage Reclaims Structures in the Midwest

In late 2007 Trestlewood's management made the decision to create a new company which would focus on dismantling structures and supplying quality barn frames and reclaimed materials to Trestlewood and its customers.

Cannon Salvage owns a 12 acre yard in north-central Indiana with a 6000 square foot sawmill building which was designed with the reclaimed wood industry in mind. In addition, Cannon Salvage owns the specialized equipment necessary to dismantle old structures and process the resulting materials.

Aerials of Twelve Mile, Indiana Shop and Yard
Close-up of TWII Siding on Office
Martin Barn Dismantle Process / The man-lift and boom truck during disassembly
Oldfather Barn
Byrum Barn Side and Front View
Byrum Frame 3-D Sketch
Premium Oak HH Timbers / Barcodes 71191, 71749, 71751, 71185, 71172
Weathered Barnwood

One of the specialized services that Cannon Salvage adds to Trestlewood's resume is the ability to dismantle structures for re-assembly. Structures are carefully documented, labeled and disassembled so that the structure can be reassembled as part of your customer's project. Please contact your Trestlewood representative for details (pictures, specifications, drawings, etc.) about the exciting frames we currently have available.

In addition, Cannon Salvage sells wholesale batches of materials from salvage projects for customers who would prefer to purchase materials in large, less processed batches.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with Cannon Salvage and its capabilities by visiting us at We are excited about the capabilities that Cannon Salvage brings to the table and we expect that you will be too. (While you are at it, check out the new and improved We think you'll find the site very useful.)

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