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Beautiful Reclaimed Redwood

In the past hundred years, water tanks, pickle vats and beer barrels were constructed with exquisite, clear, all-heart redwood. Trestlewood reclaims these old tanks and processes the material to provide you with access to material which is unavailable from sources which carry new wood.

Trestlewood is pleased to provide you with access to the beautiful, rich redwood reclaimed from these old tanks. We are confident that you will not confuse this redwood with new redwood on the market today.

Cypress and Redwood Deck / The yellowish material is cypress; the reddish is redwood
Redwood reclaimed from water tanks and pickle vats was used to create these wonderful exterior structures in a Chicago, Illinois area residence. The darker wood pictured is redwood, while the yellowish wood is cypress.
Redwood Sign Blank / Note slight staining and VG
Pickle vat redwood is perfect to create clear, all-heart redwood sign blanks for exterior signs.
Redwood Picklewood Staves / Stacks of staves sorted by length and width
This photoset shows redwood pickle vat parts which have been sorted by width. Trestlewood has approximately 90,000 bf of redwood available.

Trestlewood sells this redwood as-is and can then process the material with its bandsaws, planers and molder to your final specifications.

Please contact your Trestlewood representative to discuss ways that you can use this redwood in your projects.

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