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Trestlewood Offers High Quality Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Trestlewood's inventory of unique reclaimed wood offerings includes thousands of feet of old-growth Douglas Fir lumber which has been processed out of timbers salvaged from various sources from across North America.

Trestlewood painstakingly removes nail, bolts and other hardware and then cuts the material into 4/4" lumber. The material is then dried to 4-8% moisture content to ensure that the lumber is as stable as possible. Finally, the lumber is straight-line ripped in preparation for running the lumber into flooring or using the lumber to make cabinets or doors, etc.

Douglas Fir Wdge-Lap Siding / All materials were distressed and stained onsite
This Whitefish, Montana residence is clad with wide Douglas Fir wedgelap siding. Douglas Fir is the natural choice for an Intermountain West home that wants to fit into its environment.
Douglas Fir #2 Flooring (and Timbers) / Douglas Fir #2 flooring--note the DF timbers in the frame
Douglas Fir flooring is a warm, natural selection which is traditional in the mountains and invitingly informal.
Douglas Fir smooth siding  / shiplap profile, nail holes
Reclaimed Douglas Fir has characteristics which open a window into the material's past. Nail holes and staining give away a board's prior use as a rafter in an old warehouse or hotel. The grain is generally mixed and the knot content is moderate (Douglas Fir knots tend to work loose and may break during processing).

Please contact your Trestlewood representative if you have questions about the use of this material or other reclaimed or unique rustic wood offerings. You may consult the Lumber Specification Sheet or Flooring Specification Sheet for detailed characteristics of this material.

Trestlewood has significant quantities of processed DF lumber on hand to meet the needs of your project (and, of course, can produce additional quantities to meet your needs, as well).

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