Classic Douglas Fir Band-Sawn KD Lumber

Specification Sheet #2202 - Douglas Fir Classic Millwork Stock


Douglas Fir


Various, often buildings and industrial structures from different locations in North America


Unlimited nail holes; ocassional bolt holes; staining around the nail holes or on the face is allowable


Unlimited knots are allowed in Douglas Fir Classic Millwork Stock. Knots may be tight, loose or fallen out.


Moderate amounts of surface checking allowed; no cracks

Grain Pattern

Vertical, flat or mixed

Moisture Content/Stability

Kiln-Dried. Douglas Fir Classic Millwork Stock is generally cut from stock which is very dry and seasoned and is therefore much more stable and less prone to shrinkage than is new lumber.

Standard Dimensions

a) Thickness (net): 4/4"; b) Width (nominal): 3"-6"; actual widths typically are 1/2" under listed width (6" boards would typically be edged to 5 1/2", and billed as 6" for example); and c) Length: random, in 1' increments up to 16'


Typically, approximately 3 pounds per board foot



Appearance Variation

Boards can vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The characteristics described on this specification sheet generally apply to each board's featured face. The opposite face and edges can differ from the featured face in texture, coloring, and other characteristics unless otherwise noted.