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Greenheart Tan T&G Flooring - Product Info

Trestlewood's reclaimed Greenheart flooring is salvaged from the floors of decommissioned railroad boxcars. Greenheart was perfect for its original use as boxcar flooring because it is incredibly dense and durable. (Greenheart is rated as roughly twice as hard as oak using the Janka Hardness Index).

The lumber is painstakingly removed from the metal structure of the boxcar and then milled into tongue and groove flooring. The resulting product is sorted into Tans and Reds, although many customers mix the two colors. Every piece comes complete with several screw holes and associated staining at no additional charge!

See this interesting summary of Greenheart history and uses.

Specification Sheet #6012 - Greenheart T&G Flooring
SourceThe floors of reclaimed railroad boxcars
Flooring TypeSolid Wood, Unfinished
ProfileTongue and Groove (T&G)
KnotsGreenheart T&G Flooring is not sorted for knots, but there are very few knots.
Moisture Content/StabilityKiln-Dried: Greenheart T&G Flooring is cut from stock which is very dry and seasoned and is then kiln-dried. The resulting lumber is much more stable and less prone to shrinkage than is new Greenheart lumber.
HolesThe Greenheart material was fastened onto the boxcars with screws which, when removed, leave very regular screw holes. There is often stain or discoloration around the screw holes.
Checking/CracksSurface checking is common; end cracking is rare and does not exceed 6" from the end.
Grain PatternMixed
Standard Dimensionsa) Thickness (net): 11/16" (3/4" is available if specifically ordered. 3/4" floor will require greater leadtime and will result in some skipping on one of the faces); b) Width: 3"; and c) Length: 3'.
Textures AvailableSmooth and Circle-Sawn
WeightTypically, approximately 4 pounds per board foot
Color/AppearanceGreenheart is sorted into two color groups: brownish and reddish. Please ask your Trestlewood representative for pictures and samples of the two color groups.
Appearance VariationBoards can vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The characteristics described on this specification sheet generally apply to each board's featured face. The opposite face and edges can differ from the featured face in texture, coloring, and other characteristics unless otherwise noted.

Note: Please study specification sheets to familiarize yourself with product characteristics and their possible implications for your application.