As recently featured in Architect Magazine, Trestlewood's ultra-rustic Mushroomwood lumber originates deep underground in Appalachian country, where many old coal and limestone mines were long ago converted into mushroom growing facilities. A mix of cypress, hemlock and other similar species, this lumber was used to provide growing platforms for the mushrooms, over time being replaced with newer boards. (Adding a little intrigue to the story, it appears that Bigfoot may occasionally frequent these mines as well....)

Hand-Hewn Timbers, Rough Brown Barnwood, NatureAged Barnwood, Mushroomwood
The face of Mushroomwood lumber is deeply weathered with significant grain variation and raised knots. The Texas lake home pictured here features 1x6 Mushroomwood paneling for its kitchen bar. This is just one example of many wall paneling and similar applications for which Mushroomwood has been used.
Mushroomwood Siding and Brown Barnwood
Roughly 3/4 of our Mushroomwood lumber is 1x6, but we also have several thousand board feet of 1x8 material. Either of these widths work well and have been used extensively for exterior siding and soffit applications. This greenhouse in Colorado is a wonderful illustration of Mushroomwood siding.
1x6 Mushroomwood Paneling(the back/less rustic face of the mushroomwood is showing)
Rather than using the very rustic face of the Mushroomwood, some have preferred using the "back side" of the boards. This opposite face has much less surface variation, but still provides a rustic and deep range of brown "barnwood" colors. The restaurant pictured here provides a great example of how the Mushroomwood "back side" can be applied.

Please feel free to email or otherwise contact us if you would likeadditional information about Mushroomwood, or any of our reclaimed and other distintive wood products.

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