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BrownBlend Thins (30 sf box)

each box contains 72 linear feet of product





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BrownBlend Thins - Product Info

Barnwood Thins are Trestlewood's most consistent, ready-to-install interior barnwood product. Ideal for accent walls, small DIY projects, crafts, and other interior uses. BrownBlend Thins provide a mix of primarily brown color tones.

  • 1 weathered face
  • 5/16" thick (+/- 1/16")
  • Edged to 5" width
  • Mixed 1-4' lengths (usually at least 1/2 of sf is 4')
  • Kiln-dried
  • Packaged in boxes of 30 square feet
  • Thins are available in 4 color sorts: BrownGrayBlend, BrownBlend, GrayBlend, and Antique Weathered Redwood

  • No two boxes of Thins will be exactly the same.

    Specification Sheet #7250 - BrownBlend/GrayBlend/Other Thins
    Products InvolvedTrestlewood's BrownBlend, GrayBlend and Other Thins products (hereafter referred to as "Thins") involve a mix/blend of various sources of reclaimed/antique materials and materials naturally aged/processed to give them a weathered/aged appearance. Trestlewood products that can be used to produce Thins include, but are not necessarily limited to, any combination of NatureAged Lumber (Specification Sheet #7220), Antique Barnwood Lumber (Spec Sheet #7200), HarborAged Lumber (Spec Sheet #2240), ThermalAged Lumber (Spec Sheet #7230), RubyHardwood Lumber (Spec Sheet #6147), 3/8"+/- Weathered Pine Jackets (Spec Sheet #3242), 3/8"+/- Weathered Picklewood/Other Jackets (Spec Sheet #2241), and various other products/sources.
    SpeciesMixed, generally heavy to (and often exclusively) softwoods. Hardwoods can be included in the mix at Trestlewood's discretion. Hardwood Thins are sometimes available (generally at higher cost).
    SourceNatureAged: Material that has been naturally weathered/aged/processed to achieve a rustic grayish/brown appearance. Lumber used in Trestlewood's NatureAged Lumber program can be i) new lumber, ii) lumber cut from beetle-killed, fire-killed or dead-standing trees, iii) lumber cut from material which has weathered out of spec, and/or iv) lumber cut from lumber/timber reclaimed from various salvage projects/prior uses (this lumber also qualifies as Antique Barnwood Lumber.)

    Reclaimed/Antique: Reclaimed sources include barns, corncribs, stables, trestles, mills, homes and other buildings/agricultural structures and construction projects from different locations in North America. Picklewood comes from pickle vats salvaged from different sites in North America. Trestlewood II comes from Douglas Fir piling salvaged from the Lucin Cutoff railroad trestle in the Great Salt Lake.

    Other: HarborAged Lumber, ThermalAged Lumber, RubyHardwood Lumber, etc (see individual spec sheets.)
    KnotsUnlimited; occasional loose or fallen out knots
    Checking/CracksChecking/cracks are allowed as long as they do not result in the board falling apart with minimal pressure.
    Grain PatternMixed
    Moisture Content/StabilityKiln-Dried. Thin lumber products can generally be expected to have some stability issues (cupping, twisting, etc.) Kiln drying (and relatively narrow width and short lengths) should help mitigate (but not eliminate) such issues.
    Standard Dimensionsa) Thickness: approximately 5/16" (+/- 1/16"); b) Width: 5"; and c) Length: 1-4' (usually mix of 1', 1.5', 2', 2.5', 3' and/or 4' lengths, heavy to 4' (generally at least 1/2 of square footage will be in 4' lengths)
    WeightTypically, approximately 0.60-1.00 pounds per square foot.
    SurfacingThins include a wide range of surfacing/textures. NatureAged Lumber is generally originally rough-sawn (circle-sawn or band-sawn), but may have weathered rather smooth. Antique Barnwood and other sources can be rough-sawn or smooth. Degree of weathering varies from source to source. Antique Barnwood is often more deeply weathered than NatureAged Lumber.

    Available in 4 color/source sorts: BrownBlend Thins (heavy to brown tones), GrayBlend Thins (heavy to gray tones), BrownGrayBlend Thins (mix of browns and grays), and Antique Weathered Redwood (mix of browns and grays.) For a stunning customized color scheme, use your preferred mix of these 4 color/source sorts and Mixed Hardwood Bright Thins (fresh-sawn, no weathered face.)

    Weathered Thins will almost always have a fresh-sawn or planed (or less heavily weathered) back face and 2 fresh-sawn edges (i.e., the focus is on producing a product with 1 weathered "primary" face).
    Salt/MineralsPicklewood materials contain salt and other minerals, creating special characteristics and/or considerations such as color/appearance, finishes/glues, metal corrosiveness, moisture, etc. (see Picklewood Specification Sheet #2241 for more information).
    Appearance VariationBoards can vary in appearance from piece to piece and even within a piece. The characteristics described on this specification sheet generally apply to each board's featured face. The opposite face and edges can differ from the featured face in texture, coloring, and other characteristics unless otherwise noted. Weathered lumber / barnwood will have at least one weathered face. The opposite face and edges can be any combination of weathered and fresh-sawn. If weathered, the weathering will often be different (amount, mix of colors, etc) than on the featured face.

    Trestlewood sometimes uses one or more juicing processes to help fresh-sawn and/or less weathered/aged faces/edges blend in with weathered faces/edges. All else being equal, juicing is more likely to be used in situations where (a) lumber is cut from timbers or wider lumber (thereby creating fresh-cut faces and/or edges); (b) Buyer wants all (or most) faces/edges to be weathered/aged; (c) Buyer desires to increase the consistency of the weathered/aged look from face to face; and/or (d) Buyer wants a darker weathered look.
    OtherThins can be very brittle and may split easily. Special care is advisable.

    Trestlewood is not a construction or design company and does not get involved in the installation/use of its products. We do not offer installation instructions. Given that Thins are more likely than most Trestlewood products to be used by non-professional homeowners, we have compiled a list of "Installation Thoughts to Consider" when using these products. These thoughts represent a starting point only and are not represented to be accurate for your particular location and/or application. If you have any questions, please consult a construction professional.

    Thins are not recommended for exterior use.