How to Buy a Reclaimed Wood Mantel

Jul 13, 2012


We believe that the very best way to buy a reclaimed or other unique wood mantel is to hand-pick the specific piece that is the best match for your unique mantel needs and tastes.


To this end, we have been investing significant effort  to (1) make as many specific mantel pieces available for purchase as possible; (2) put in place tools that make it easy to narrow down the mantel timbers that are legitimate options for your project; and (3) make it convenient for you to purchase the mantel(s) of your choice.  Let us report on our progresss:


  • There are currently roughly 300 (and growing) specific mantel pieces available for purchase using Trestlewood's Mantel Selection Tool.

  • Entering acceptable dimension ranges and other selection criteria in the left-most column of the Mantel Selection Tool can help you quickly and easily narrow displayed mantels to those of likely interest. 

  • Any of the displayed mantels can be easily added to your shopping cart for purchase or added to a quote list (this provides a way for you to tell us that you like a specific mantel but would like it even better if. . .; we can then review your input and put together a proposal for your consideration.)

Should you purchase a finished or an unfinished mantel?  This comes down to personal preference - we are happy to work with you either way.  We leave a high percentage of our mantels unfinished to keep our (and your) options open.  Many of our customers purchase unfinished mantels and then either finish them themselves or leave them unfinished.  You are also welcome to identify an unfinished mantel in our inventory and submit it via a Quote List with an indication that you would like us to quote it finished.  As a general rule of thumb, the price of finished mantels is often 2.5 to 3 times that of unfinished mantels.




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