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We love reclaimed and other character wood. We also love the challenge of making it as easy as possible for you to find just the right character wood for your project. This is what is all about.

March, 2024, marked the 31-year anniversary of Trestlewood's entry into the reclaimed wood arena. There was nothing gradual about this entry - we kicked things off by acquiring the salvage rights to the greater than 20 million board feet of timbers, lumber and logs in the Great Salt Lake's Lucin Cutoff Railroad Trestle (see The Trestlewood Story.) 31 years later, we still have some "Salty Fir" and other wood from the trestle, along with millions of board feet of reclaimed wood from many other sources.

Trestlewood also offers NatureAged, Harbor Fir, and other product lines that are manufactured from new lumber to provide a reclaimed wood look and many of the other advantages of antique wood products. These manufactured products can provide attractive alternatives or supplements to reclaimed lumber, siding, flooring, and timber products.

Which Trestlewood products are the best matches for your project? We invite you to use to help you find out. As you do, check out recent enhancements to our web site, including: (1) Mobile-friendly design (try it out on your phone or other mobile device!) and (2) Improved product search tools.

Product Showcase
Product Showcase

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Exterior Wood Siding Thoughts To Consider

We aren't installation experts, but we think we have valuable insights on how to select and use the right exterior wood siding product.

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Barnwood Shiplap in Stock

Need shiplap or other milled barnwood siding quick? See barcoded units currently in stock.

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