About Trestlewood

Trestlewood's primary objective is to provide its customers with unique, high-quality, competitively-priced wood product options. We have found that we are the most successful in accomplishing this objective when we focus on our strengths and do not worry about trying to be all things to all people. This summary is intended to tell you who we are (and, perhaps just as importantly, who we are not) and how we do business.

1. We are a small, family-owned and managed business. We are fiscally conservative and strive to use our finite resources to build a solid, responsive organization in a step-by-step, controlled manner. We do not believe in growth for the sake of growth. We generally do not sell on credit.

2. We are reclaimed wood (and other unique wood) "investors." Our portfolio consists of millions and millions of board feet of reclaimed, rescued and other unique lumber, timbers and poles which we believe will result in products of unmatched character for our customers. We are not afraid to purchase large batches of wood when the right opportunities present themselves and then sit on them until the right customers and products come along.

3. We are primarily wholesalers. We focus our sales efforts (including our pricing and policies) on developing long-term relationships with manufacturing, construction, service and distribution partners. Our focus on partners is largely driven by our recognition that partners can bring salespeople and expertise (see Item 4) to the table that we are not in a position to provide. Note that Trestlewood does not "endorse" or "certify" specific partners; it is up to you to determine which Trestlewood partners are best suited to service your unique wood product needs.

4. We are NOT experts in the installation or use of Trestlewood products. We are not (and do not try to be) architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, installers or other construction industry professionals. We strongly recommend that each project incorporating Trestlewood products enlist capable construction professionals who are fully aware of Trestlewood product characteristics so that they can carefully consider the implications thereof for the specific location and application in which Trestlewood products are to be used.

5. We sell to our strengths. We focus on (a) the development of standard products which our sourcing activities allow us to replicate and (b) making available "special-run" products which take advantage of the unique characteristics of a specific batch of lumber, timbers or poles. We try not to "chase" speculative orders that are not consistent with what we do best.

6. We make every effort to extend our strengths to products which we believe will best meet the needs of our customers. Sometimes this requires us to broaden the scope of our product offerings beyond our initial focus on reclaimed wood. Examples include rescued lumber and cover board barnwood products.

7. We are straight shooters. We would rather lose a sale than to plant the seeds of an unhappy customer. We emphasize that the same characteristics which make our products unique often have practical installation/use implications which should be carefully considered. We believe in telling you what we know (or at least think we know!) about the important physical characteristics of our products (through specification sheets, proposal terms, etc.), while acknowledging that there is much that we do not know. We are up-front about our policies and terms of sale. In a nutshell, we do our best to "tell it like it is" and then let you decide where and how to use our products.

8. We sell our products "as-is," with no warranties express or implied, except for any limited protection provided by Trestlewood's current Product Liability and Return Policy. Simply put, our Product Liability and Return Policy is designed to (a) protect the customer from having to pay for wood that is substantively different than he or she ordered and to (b) protect Trestlewood from any and all liability other than the replacement of out-of-specification product (or the refund of purchase price of the same.) It is ultimately your responsibility to determine which Trestlewood products are best suited for your applications and how these products should be used/installed.