Lucin Cutoff Railroad Trestle

After the Trestle

As has already been mentioned, the Lucin Cutoff railroad trestle had seen its last significant use as a trestle shortly after it was replaced by a solid fill causeway in 1959. The railroad has been crossing the Great Salt Lake by means of the causeway ever since.

That could have been the end of the story. Fortunately, it was not. The salvage, remanufacturing and marketing of the wood from the trestle have given the trestle new life.

Wood from the trestle is showing up in a lot of prominent places, where it exposes an increasing number of people to the trestle's story. In a way, this wood makes the trestle more accessible to the general public than it has ever been. The wood also has plenty to say about the Great Salt Lake, its home for the past several decades and the source of some of its most distinctive characteristics. Expect the wood from the trestle to be an effective emissary of the trestle and the Great Salt Lake for many years to come.

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