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Siding Options Available from Trestlewood

Trestlewood offers the most compelling line up of reclaimed and other distinctive wood siding options in the industry. Vertical or horizontal, rustic or more refined, Trestlewood has an option that is sure to impress.

Please visit the new Siding Index or click on any of the pictures below for additional information about that siding offering, including its specification sheet and links to additional pictures. Of course, you may also contact Trestlewood for more information about any of these featured siding products. Also ask us about unique, one-of-a-kind siding products that we can produce at any given time.

Weathered Barnwood Siding and Garage Doors
Barnwood Siding is one of the most popular rustic siding options available. It is available in random or specific widths and various colors and textures.

Common Sizes: widths depend on configuration; lengths random to 12'+.

Barnwood Siding Configurations: Board-and-Bat, Board-on-Board, Board-to-Board, Shiplap and Wedgelap.
H-H Siding
Trestlewood processes hand hewn sleepers into Hand Hewn Skins, a unique 2" siding which is unmatched in character and beauty. Hand Hewn Siding is generally installed with chinking in between the slabs. It may be installed with "tails" which can be used to create dove tails at each of the corners of the house.

Common Sizes: widths random 8-12"; lengths random to 18'.

Hand Hewn Skins Configurations: Log Stack and Log Stack with Tails
Trestlewood II Circle-Sawn Siding has advantages over other reclaimed siding options. First, it all comes from one source--the Lucin Cut-off railroad trestle; Second, the material has a rustic texture and unique colorations; and Third, the material comes in random lengths which are on average longer than other reclaimed wood options.

Common Sizes: widths depend on configuration; lengths random to 16'.

Trestlewood II Circle-Sawn Siding Configurations: Board-and-Bat, Board-on-Board, Board-to-Board, Shiplap and Wedgelap.
Decades of use as mushroom growing platforms has exposed Mushroomwood Siding to the extreme conditions necessary to create an ultra-rustic, deeply-worn product. The rich chocolate browns, raised grain and jutting knots combine for a look that turns heads.

Common Sizes: widths 6" (8" and 10" sometimes available); lengths to 16'.

Mushroomwood Siding Configurations: Board-and-Bat, Board-on-Board, Wedgelap and Board-to-Board.
Picklewood Siding
Picklewood Siding is processed from recycled pickling vats. The material reclaimed from pickle vats had been in service for up to 100 years prior to being salvaged and as a result has a rustic weathered patina. Picklewood Species often available include Redwood, Cypress, Douglas Fir and White Cedar.

Common Sizes: widths depend on configuration; lengths up to 8'.

Picklewood Siding Configurations: Board-and-Bat, Board-on-Board, Board-to-Board (including 3/8" weathered skins), Shiplap and Wedgelap.
Barn Siding / This barn is sided with coverboard barnwood
Coverboard Siding has advantages over conventional siding options. It has nail holes and is weathered grey or "tobacco brown" like other products on the market, but it provides a much more consistent look from pieces to piece and also is available in primarily wide widths and long lengths.

Common Sizes: widths to 12"; lengths to 16'+.

Coverboard Siding Configurations: Board-and-Bat, Board-on-Board, Board-to-Board, Shiplap and Wedgelap.

Please contact your Trestlewood representative with any siding needs you have for upcoming projects.

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