Looking for Hand-Hewn Timbers Without Pockets/Notches?

Apr 12, 2014


Hand-Hewn Timbers with Pockets / Notches


We love hand-hewn timbers.  We love their color and texture variations; their dimensional inconsistencies; their mortise pockets and notches; and the other characteristics that give them such rough, rugged, and beautiful character.


We are sometimes asked to quote hand-hewn timbers with no (or, at most, "minimal") mortise pockets or notches. We have found that it is a mistake to try to make hand-hewn timbers something that they are not.  Hand-hewn timbers that come out of barns and other structures have mortise pockets and/or notches.  If mortise pockets and notches are not desirable (or at least acceptable), you should probably look for a different timber product.


But what if, for whatever reason, you really want timbers with a hand-hewn texture, but without mortise pockets or notches - can we give you any options?  Yes.  We have been experimenting with adding hew marks to our RubyHardwood and RubyOak timbers.  These timbers do have some holes where crane mat rods were removed, but they do not have traditional hand-hewn timber mortise pockets or notches.  See what you think of the results:


RubyHardwood Timbers with Added Hew Marks (without Pockets / Notches)


RubyHardwood / RubyOak hewn timbers can also be used to supplement hand-hewn timbers salvaged from barns and other structures in filling difficult parts of a hand-hewn timber package (rectangular sizes, etc.)




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