Exterior Wood Siding Thoughts to Consider

Jul 14, 2023

We believe that you will significantly improve the likelihood of your being happy with your exterior wood siding if you carefully consider and make good decisions for your project in 5 areas:

A. Expectations

B. Product Selection

C. Handling/Storage

D. Installation

E. Maintenance

Following is a link to a document ("Exterior Wood Siding Thoughts to Consider") that we have put together which summarizes some of our thoughts about each of these areas:


This document is a work in progress.  Trestlewood is not an expert in the handling/installation/maintenance of exterior wood siding.  We have, though, seen a lot of exterior wood siding projects and heard and read a lot about wood siding best practices --> we wanted to summarize some of our thoughts and make them available to you.

We invite you to help us improve this document by sharing your experiences with exterior wood siding and your thoughts about exterior wood siding best practices with us.



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