When to Consider Our Reclaimed Wood Alternatives

Jun 14, 2012


Red Painted NatureAged Weathered Barnwood

NatureAged, Harbor Fir and other Trestlewood product lines that are manufactured from new lumber can provide attractive alternatives or supplements to reclaimed lumber, flooring and timber products, especially where:

  1. Consistency is important;
  2. Specific dimensions needed are not a good match for reclaimed wood inventories (for example, NatureAged Barnwood Lumber is often available in wider widths and longer lengths, on average, than Antique Barnwood Lumber);
  3. Your project is on a tight budget; and/or
  4. The corresponding reclaimed wood products have characteristics that do not work for your project (example:  Trestlewood's NatureAged Painted Barnwood product line (photo above) provides a compelling alternative to Antique Painted Barnwood in applications where (a) lead-based paint is problematic and/or (b) a specific color of paint is desired.)


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