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Wedgelap Siding Configuration

Wedgelap is also sometimes referred to as "clap-board" siding. It is achieved by placing the bottom-most piece and then overlapping it with the next piece up and so-on. The wedgelap configuration looks great with a finished material like processed picklewood redwood or cypress or Trestlewood II. For a more rustic look, weathered picklewood or barnwood is perfect. For the "no one else on the block would dare put up siding this rustic" look, check out the mushroomwood.

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Selected Photos

Barnwood Wedgelap Siding with Barnwood Trim / Buckskin Brown (note: still some color variation)
Douglas Fir Wdge-Lap Siding / All materials were distressed and stained onsite
Brown Barnwood Lap Siding
Mushroomwood Siding (Wedgelap) / 6\
TWII Wedge-Lap Siding / This material is 5/8\