Barnwood Shiplap Options

Oct 18, 2013


5/8" thick x 4.75" face NatureAged Shiplap w/ 3/8" Reveal


If you want a Barnwood Shiplap product you can generally choose between lumber that was salvaged with the shiplap already on it or barnwood lumber that weathered without a shiplap and was then reclaimed and run into shiplapped product.  There are advantages and disadvantages of each type of barnwood shiplap product.  Advantages of each type include:

Advantages - Shiplap Run Prior to Weathering

  • Lower Cost
  • Natural Look (Weathered Edges, etc)

Advantages - Shiplap Run After Weathering

  • Better Fit (fresh milled after the lumber has become more stable over time)
  • Better Selection (a wide range of inputs can be milled into outputs with matching widths and profiles, rather than being completely dependent on the widths and profiles coming from specific salvage projects)

Over a year ago, Trestlewood decided to try an experiment with its NatureAged product line.  We had a shiplap profile added to some new lumber and then laid the shiplapped lumber out to weather.  The results were encouraging.  We now have some 5/8" thick x 4.75" face NatureAged Shiplap available for sale.  This approach gives us the ability to create a nice natural shiplap product at a lower price point than when the shiplap milling is done after weathering.

5/8" thick x 4.75" face NatureAged Shiplap w/ 3/8" Reveal - closer look at profile


 NatureAged  Shiplap


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